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  • Public speaking
  • The science and art of Leadership
  • Leadership Power and influence – A strategic mission
  • Emotional Intelligence and Empathy
  • Master the art of Communication
  • Train the Trainer
  • Guest Lectures and Seminars
1. Public speaking

Why Public speaking is an important quality? Is public speaking important? Yes! Public speaking is a skill which every individual must master and be able to produce an inspiring effect on an individual or group whether it be your workplace, business, livelihood and many others. It involves enhancing the quality of overcoming fear in front of another individual or public, groups and gatherings, producing maximum quality in effectively delivering communication and sharing your thought process.
This course will develop you with these skills, your personality and gestures too. The most distinguishing feature of public speaking is to deliver speech with full confidence, credibility and confidence.
The science and art of Leadership
This training workshop involves roles where performance based Leadership principles, competency models and Human behaviour is the core of learning and development. Advance leadership development and supporting skills are its main objectives.

2. Emotional intelligence and Empathy

An interactive training workshop format where in participants learns to differentiate between EQ and IQ. After this training, a person will know how to be empathetic for themselves and with others. This training program is a blended program reflecting several areas of empathy principles and emotional intelligence based actions.

3. Master the art of Communication

Many professionals struggle to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively. Lack of clear communication can cause mistrust or misunderstandings leading to negative effects in a person’s social behaviour leading to bad relationships, causing sensitivity in responding to function effectively, be it organisations or in social communities. This program is for all age groups and tailor made to suit to all individuals by interactive training workshop method.

4. Train the Trainer

Our pursuit of excellence is to enhance your skills of being the QUALITY TRAINER. Your investment is your success and our challenge to power you with the talent, energy and quality that will forever be your success. We are mindful of delivering quality content, strong deliverables and real results. Train-The-Trainer workshops will equip participants from novices to successful Trainers, Training Managers and Trainer Assessors be it you are a Trainer for community or business.

  • Train-The-Trainer for Management professionals ( TTT1)
  • Train the Community Leaders ( TTT2)
5. Guest Lectures and Seminars

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