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Services that Mishkan Leadership Solution Offers

MLS evolves continuously according to the demands and needs of current trends in training and development to be able to maintain adaptability and sustainable growth.
We offer the following services:

Trainer Pool

Mishkan Leadership Solution welcomes individuals across the nation to be part of our membership community. If you are an individual who is a Freelance Trainer, then Join us to be part of this community. Are you looking for culture transformation in your organization? Are you out there with a passion to excel and have a proven record of outstanding achievements and success? If you are an individual who is a Freelance Trainer, join us under individual membership to add advantage to your learning and professional success. Or if you are a Business / Corporate Organization, do register with us to avail Trainer kit, e courses have discounts for your training programs and free resources from our online stores. Freelance Trainer membership: If you a freelancer, a service provider and you are looking for projects and want to grow with us then download registration form here, fillup the same and submit the same through member registration form. You register free and when you are given projects, you are earning with us!


If you have any query, just drop us a mail, we will get back you.

MLS offers its platform to engage
  • Corporate and Soft skills Trainers
  • Non financial and IT trainers
  • Educators for management institutes &
  • Leadership Coaches
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